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Beauty is a deep feeling of connection, harmony and joy of being alive.


Since my teenage years I have been inspired by Native American cultures and traditions. That’s how I first learned about the “Beauty Way” of the Diné culture that strongly impacted my life and art.

Walking the Beauty Way means to become aware of the essence of beauty all around and within us. It means to appreciate the abundant gifts that nature offers us and to attune to it in our own lives the best we can.

Painting offers me the possibility to walk on this path in my own way. It teaches me to see the world with different eyes and to become more aware of the beauty around me every day.

That’s why I dedicate my art to the magic of life, the earth and the spirit that weaves through all things. I create art to remind us that we are all connected to this magic source of life – an integral part of this great mystery. I believe that through remembering this, we can bring forth the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

About the artist


Verena Wild is a visionary painter from Germany creating intricate paintings that tell stories of humanity's connection to the earth.

Born 1992 in a small village, Verena became passionate about painting from a very young age. Her childhood paintings were filled with butterflies, flowers and colorful sunsets – symbols that still weave through her work and give her images a child-like touch.

Verena studied Chinese and Social Anthropology at University and travelled to many Asian countries before she decided to follow the artist’s path.

In 2017 she visited the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art (VAVA) – that was a great turning point on her life’s journey when she decided to turn her soul’s passion into a profession. 

At the VAVA, she learned under the guidance of inspiring visionary artists that helped her to improve her painting skills and to dive deep into the visions of her soul, supported by practices such as inner journeying, shamanic drumming and guided meditations.

Different cultures always fascinated Verena and left a strong impact on her art. Buddhist philosophy and the wisdom of Indigenous peoples inspire her creations. One of her main themes is humanity’s connection to nature, and the sacred journey of the soul unfolding itself.

Paintings are magic portals that transport the viewers into intricate landscapes of the soul,  where they find beauty, joy, connection and healing.

After experimenting with different mediums, Verena found Acrylic to be the most suitable for her artwork. Acrylics are very forgiving, they allow you to paint over something and make radical changes if needed.

Sometimes the original idea of a painting changes a lot during the painting process. Acrylics help the artist to stay flexible and allow new ideas to come in. Acrylic is a fast drying medium; which is supportive in moving forward and creating magic on the canvas.

One bird is not enough.jpg
Selfportrait, Jan. 2018
Verena Wild, Live painting
Painting at the Tree of Life Festival in Austria, June 2017
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