Artist Statement


We are all dreaming and creating collectively, our visions inspire each other and are part of each other.


I believe that art leaves lasting impressions on people that can influence their perception

and way of thinking.

My vision is that people find love and connection through the art that can impact their life in a positive way.

Through my paintings, I hope to inspire people to look deeply into their hearts, reconnect to their soul and to rediscover the world of magic and wonder that is all around us and that weaves through all things.

I was born 1992 in a little village in south-west Germany. From early age I expressed myself creatively through painting, later through writing and handicrafts.

My kindergarten-time has already been full of paintings with sunsets, flowers and butterflies- these images have never lost their magic for me, they still make me feel connected to my inner child. ;-)


Since then, my art has gone through different stages, from acrylic landscape painting (2011-2012), more realistic charcoal drawing (2009-2014) to abstract Zendoodle Art (2015-2016) and to more visionary work recently (2017) … who knows where it will go from there...


Different cultures have always fascinated me and have a strong impact on my art. Buddhist philosophy as well as the wisdom of Indigenous peoples is weaving into my creations. One of my main themes is the reconnection to nature and our deepest inner being, to unfold the beauty of the soul that is present in all of us.



The art of Buddhist Thangka painting and meditation have taught me to set a positive intention for every painting, and to focus on my work with dedication, love and patience. Painting itself is a form of meditation and a spiritual quest for me, as well as a teacher that offers profound lessons and insights - about how to become more loving, how to not take the inner critic too seriously and how to let go of old stories. 


Beginning of 2017 I first visited the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art that impacted my life in a beautiful way.

It has been one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever visited; not at least because of all the creative souls that I’ve met there. I studied under the guidance of Jonathan Solter, Amanda Sage, Li Lian, Daniel Mirante, Kevin Campeau and Autumn Skye Morrison. I couldn't be more grateful for having had such amazing, inspiring teachers. That's when I started to follow my souls passion and dedicate my life to art with all of my heart. 

I hope you will find some inspiration on this page and in my art! :-)

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