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Recommended Books

These books have deeply inspired my art journey and have been real gems in my life that call me to paint. I can recommend dearly… tThat's why I feel so excited to share them here with you, maybe you will find something that speaks to you personally!

If you buy a book through the affiliate links on this page, you can support my art with your book purchase (without any additional charge).

Art, Painting and Creativity

drawing on the right side of the brain.jpg

This book is a real gamechanger. It has completely altered the way I look at things - which is the first step when it comes to painting:

learning how to SEE.

the artist way.jpg

Inspiring tool guide for everyone who wants to embark on a creative journey. No matter what your age or your life path, it is never too late to start creating.

alex grey mission of art.jpg

If you feel drawn to visionary art, don't miss this book! :) Alex Grey is one of the leaders of today's visionary art movement and a great inspiration.

What we ache for.jpg
big magic.jpg

This book is full of wonder and joy - an empowering approach to inspire us to live our most creative lives.

The Call.jpg

All Oriah's books reach in deep to the soul, weaving spirituality and creativity together. She is a gifted, insightful and poetic writer. This book will get your creative juices flowing again.

Life Paint Passion.jpg

A very playful, spontaneous approach to art. This is a great resource to approach the creativity as a tool for self-discovery and exploration, simply enjoying the process of it all.

The Dance.jpg

Nature Spirituality and Shamanism

ted andrews animal speak.jpg

My absolute favourite about spirit animals and communicating with our natural world.

cosmic serpent.jpg

A great book bringing science and shamanism together in a very open-minded way.

loveletter to the earth.jpg

Beautifully written insights about mindfulness and planetary healing from the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.


An inspiring work of nature writing, about living simply, contemplating life in the woods, and commune with nature.

Game-changing, inspiring Novels

thefifthsacred thing.jpg
neverending story.jpg

Absolutely potent for our times! Can't recommend this series enough!

the alchemist.jpg

Creativity is boundless and imagination knows no borders. A truly magical book, very playful and full of wisdom.

Walking to Mercury.jpg

Second part of Starhawk's trilogy.


Powerful story about time, the power of deep listening and the magic of taking things slowly.


Last part of Starhawk's trilogy.

mirror in the mirror.jpg

A mysterious narrative world, full of bizarre situations, surreal images and philosophical thoughts. One of the most fascinating storybooks I know.


Really makes the mystic Avalon come to life. Love the complexity and depth of the characters.

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran.jpg

Beautiful story of transformation and the magic of nature.

a little princess.jpg

The classic of Paulo Coelho about trusting in the power of your dreams and finding your treasure.

Heartwarming story about a small girl with a big heart and plenty of imagination.

the little prince.jpg

This novel dives a bit into Wiccan spirituality - one of my favourites of Paulo Coelho.


Empowering book that adresses issues of religion and how we can each carve our own way in the world.

Magical story that reconnects us with the child within ourselves. Everytime I paint foxes, I think of this book :)

Captivating and philosophical - deep conversations between a thinker and a Gorilla.

Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse.jpg

Philosophical, magical gems of wisdom.

Very poetic, philosophical and self-examining novel about inner battles and contradicting parts within a personality.

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