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Murals in a Taiwanese Hostel

January 2018 I went on a journey to Asia, mainly Taiwan, to get involved in different art projects. This section of the webpage shows some impressions of this time.

My first stop was a hostel in Taipei called “Starbox” , where I did some simple decoration paintings and a Zentangle-style corridor.

Art Projects at the Dream Community, Taipei

Since beginning of February 2018, I first volunteered, later worked at an artist community in New Taipei, called “Dream community” (梦想社区), a vibrant place full of artists in all kinds of fields. There’s a variety of exhibition projects, most of them representing different cultures (e.g. France, India, Ireland, Japan). And there is a lot of inspiring art from all kinds of materials, from giant polystyrene sculptures, pottery, carpentry to wall paintings – the place fascinated me from the beginning and I ended up staying there most of the year.

My first task was to create a mural for a French exhibition project that plays with some of the Christian myths and beliefs. It is connected to the cathedral of Notre Dame and shows a transition from demonic realms of darkness into the light, the realms of heaven and angels.

Later, I brought some wildlife and vegetation into the first floor of the community building. The project took me 3-4 weeks to finish.

In October I brought some wild jungle into an Hawaiian dance studio. The Hawaiian floor is one of the latest exhibition projects currently evolving at the Dream community.

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