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Is your art for sale?

Yes, all of my original artworks are for sale, except for the ones that have been created in Taipei and are not physically available to me anymore. If a work has been sold already, it is mentioned on my website.

How much is your work?

I have paintings within a price range from 50€ up to 5500€, depending on the size and the amount of work that was flowing into the piece.

Every painting has its personal creation story, and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

If you are genuinely interested to purchase original artwork, please reach out to me and I will send you all the information about the piece via email. This includes the price, painting size, and the background story that inspired the painting. Asking is 100% free of course!! :-) )

Do you sell prints of your paintings?

I take custom orders for paper and canvas prints. It's important to me to make my art more accessible to people who can't afford original artwork.

Some paintings are available as art postcards or A4 prints on Etsy.

More about Print options and Pricing of custom prints

Custom-ordered paper prints will be printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper (308 g/m²) with a soft surface with 100% cotton.

Here is a list with some examples of sizes* and prices to download.

*Depending on the painting’s format, some options will be more suitable than others. I’ll be happy to give you advices.


How does payment work?

If you purchase a print directly from me, you have the option to pay via paypal or bank transfer.

My PayPal address is:

If you prefer the bank transfer option, the address will be sent to you after placing the order.

How long does it take to get the print delivered?

After receiving your payment, I will place the order for the print company. It usually takes 3-7 days for the image to get printed, and another 4-10 days to get delivered. Please allow up to 3 weeks for international orders to arrive.  I will keep you updated about the shipping process and the updates I receive from the print company.

Do you ship to the US?

Generally yes, but due to the Covis19 pandemic there are some special conditions. At the moment, transport capacities from Germany to the US are substantially reduced and there is an increased shipment fee of 54€. International items may be subject to delays caused by changes in transport procedures, cancellation of previously used flight connections etc.

I can’t tell how long these special circumstances will last, but I will follow the latest news about further developments and will keep you updated about it.

If I order more than one print, can they be packaged together to reduce shipping costs? 

Yes, if you order more than one print at the same time, they will ship together and you only pay the shipping fee once.

What is your policy on refunds/returns?

I really want you to be happy with your art. If there is an issue and the art arrives damaged, please notify me immediately so that we can work something out together.
Custom prints are handled and shipped by a print company, so I will contact them to resolve your issues.


Can I use your art on my website?

I ask you to consider Copyright Laws before using images.

You are welcome to use ONE image on your personal (non-commercial) website as long as a link to is visible with the image.

Images may NOT be used on web sites deemed inappropriate.

Can I share your art on social media? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)?

You are welcome to share my images, but please have my website or Instagram/Facebook account clearly visible in the description.

If you want to use my art on commercial pages or in commercial groups, I will ask you for a licensing fee. Please contact me for more info.

Can I use your art to promote events?

For fliers/posters, websites, event pages, tickets, etc. I will charge you a 50-200€ for a licensing fee per image. The price depends on the scope and event capacity, and if the project is intended for profit. A credit/link must always be included with each image used.

Permission usage is NOT meant for any merchandice products.

Do you want to collaborate on a publishing project?

If I resonate with your project, I’m happy to collaborate with you and join forces to bring more beauty into this world!

I sometimes offer usage of my artwork (existing paintings) for CDs and book covers. A credit/link must always be included with each image used.

Depending on the scope/reach of the product and printing quantity a licensing fee (€100-500+) is required. If you are working by non-commercial means, let’s contact me and tell me about your project, so we can get to know each other and work something out.  

Do you take commissions and create custom artwork?

I do offer custom artwork focusing on my niche– that can be a soulpainting, a portrait of your personal spirit animal, or a pet portrait with a magic touch. Please visit the section of my website titled “Commissions” for more info.

If you want me to create a special cover for your project (book, CD…), you’re welcome to contact me and tell me more about it. Please understand that it is not my priority to create covers, so it really depends on how busy I am and how much I resonate with your work if I decide to collaborate with you. For a cover commission, I charge 250-500€, depending on your budget.

*Regardless of any usage, license, and permission, I will always retain copyright of my artwork, and any further use or printing of the image must be re-negotiated.

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