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Zentangle Art is a meditative way of painting, focused on simple patterns and shapes. For me, it is a great way to find balance, relaxation and joy in the moment. It is very intuitive, following the flow of movement. Most of the images emerge spontanously, so the outcome can be a surprise even for the painter. Every piece is a creative journey of exploration. What I love most about Zentangle is that there are no rules how your image should look like. There is no special intention behind it except the joy of creating.


I started to explore this way of painting in 2015 and have never stopped since then. I do it almost everywhere, anytime... :-)

Sacred Activism
Dancing Tree 2016
Mandala 2016
Magic mountains 2016
Hummingbird 2016
Lotus Flower 2016
Lotus 2016
Inner Landscapes 2016
Euphoria 2016
Flowers 2016
Pot of Flowers 2016
Hummingbirds 2017
Dreamcatcher 2016
Heart 2016
Butterfly 2016
Flying 2016
Determination 2016
Aum 2016
Purple Flowers 2017
Harmony 2016
Black jaguar 2016
Dance of Colors 2017
Universe 2016
Play of Colors 2017
The observer 2016
The dancer 2016
Energy 2017
Sunset Impression 2016
Rooted and Flourishing 2015
Embracing 2017
Waterfall-flower 2017
Little Hummingbird 2017
Jungle of Flowers 2017
Waterfallflower 2017
Zentangle Flowers 2016
Entering through the gate, 2017
New Life 2016
Mandala 2015
Touching the Earth 2016
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